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Recent conflicts underscore the critical need for rapidly mobile fire support assets to counter advanced surveillance and detection systems such as UAVs and counter-battery radars.

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To have operational advantage the system must provide high mobility, high firepower, user-friendliness, and operational safety.

The Alakran is a technological and tactical revolution, providing innovative options for both mounted and dismounted troops, through ultra-mobility, enhanced ammunition and rapid-fire control systems designed to elevate operational efficiency.

Combat Proven

The Alakran mobile mortar system has been combat proven across countries in Europe and the Middle East, showing its reliability and effectiveness in diverse and hostile environments. Built with durable materials and rugged construction to withstand extreme temperatures, dust, and harsh conditions, its robust design and resilient technologies make it a durable weapon that can withstand the rigors of combat and remain effective.

High Firepower

The Alakran is a dual system that can integrate 120mm and 81 mm smoothbore or riffled mortars in a very simple operation, providing high firepower and making it a powerful tool for neutralizing enemy targets. The system’s patented barrel cooling system allows for sustained fire at a rate of 16 rounds per minute with no limit of time. Alakran’s software incorporates GIS technology and features such as Zonal Shooting and Multiple Rounds/Simultaneous Impact functions simplify operations, increasing the mortar effect over enemy lines.

High Precision

The Fully Digital Fire Control System (FCS) allows for precise and accurate strikes, even in challenging terrain and weather conditions, and features automatic aiming and re-aiming after every shot, ensuring accuracy of less than 2 mils (equivalent to 2 meters at 1 Km). The firing sector for the Alakran allows for azimuth coverage up to +/- 1,000 mils (a range of +/- 60 degrees) and elevation in the second sector from 800-1,500 mils (45-85 degrees).

High Mobility

The ALAKRAN is designed for rapid deployment and movement on the battlefield, allowing for quick and efficient response to changing mission requirements. The versatile system can be integrated onto almost any 4×4 vehicle, and its lightweight construction makes it suitable for helicopter deployment, offering high mobility and the ability to adapt to various environments. It integrates with precise GPS technology to give the operator an accurate location, making it ideal for use in the field.

Cooling system

The Alakran patented Integrated mortar barrel cooling system allows for long-term operation of the mortar at a pace of 4 rounds per minute. The system uses the latent heat of vaporization of water mist to control the mortar’s temperature. This system is able to dissipate 1,000 Kcal per minute, which provides the possibility of shooting up to 50 rounds at a pace of 4 rounds per minute, keeping the mortar always under 180ºC and avoiding the barrel overheating.

operator safety

Alakran prioritizes safety for its operators and is designed to avoid the shot recoil effect into the vehicle. The system shoots on the ground transmitting all recoil force directly to the ground, protecting the vehicle and avoiding the risk of soldiers being trapped in the combat zone. The operator uses a lanyard to shoot more than 3 m away from the weapon and this protects them from brain injuries due to the shockwave overpressure in each shot. It also has a misfire recovery system to safely retrieve any failed rounds.

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